Jamis Bikes is our main brand at Trail Sport Bicycles. Founded right here in Florida, Jamis provide's our customers with bikes perfect for all styles of Florida riding. Beach Cruisers, Trail Bikes, Mountain, Dual Purpose, you name it and Jamis makes a bike for your needs. All bikes carry a lifetime warranty on the frame and 1 year on parts against defects. Jamis Bikes Website

To complement their excellent warranty we offer "Lifetime Adjustments and Lube" which covers derailuer adjustments, brake adjustments, wheel truing, bearing adjustments, minor fitting adjustments, and lubrication of pivot points, cables and chain. Also all bicycles purchased in store are assembled and shipped for free. If the bicycle you want is not in stock shipping is only $30 or free if you wait for an order (which typically happen monthly.)

Below I've showcased some of our best sellers, these are bikes we almost always have in stock and fit Florida's unique terrain and citizens.

Get a leg up, without a leg up. Riding has never been easier.

Today's your lucky day, we've found you the worlds most comfortable bike. We are the Largest Dealer of Day 6 Bicycles in Florida and typically have every model in stock. Stop by today for a test ride! Check out Day 6's website for more information.