We carry a wide variety of bicycle lights that will keep you safe and legal, starting at just $9.95 for our basic, battery operated "be seen" Sunlite brand lights. If you happen to be doing night rides and need to shine your way, check out our Niterider 450 lumen rechargeable combo at just $59.95. They carry a 1 year warranty and will light your way as well as car headlights.

Bags, Baskets, Babyseats and more

No matter what you may want to carry on your bike we have a solution to meet your needs. We carry a wide selection of Topeak and Wald (made in the USA) products. If its a child carrier your looking for, research Topeaks "Babyseat 2" the worlds only babyseat that provides suspension so your child can be comfortable on your family outings. Commuting to work and need a way to carry your lunch, clothing, or whatever your hearts desire? The Topeak MTX DXP may be the bag for you! With an incredible volume of over 1000ci and its easy to use quicktrack system you'll have plenty of room for your essentials and more!

Lubricant and Degreaser

If you intend to do your own maintenance, using the right product is essential. With carbon frames, exposed mechanical components, and pinpoint application necessary for your bicycle to ride as good as the day you bought it we carry the bicycle specific products that with get the job done quickly, safely and without harming the bike or the environment.

Locks and Security

Keep that new bicycle safe with our wide selection of locks! Bicycle thieves are as creative as ever so getting a modern bicycle lock will help keep your investment safe when you can't be there. We also carry a variety of padlocks and hitch locks that will help deter thieves from your sheds, bicycle racks, and trailers.

Clothing, Helmets, Gloves and Shoes

Be comfortable while you ride! Whether your an avid cyclist or just beginning, bicycle shorts will improve your comfort and how long you can stay in the saddle. We carry an extensive line of gear including Canari, Bellwether, Bell, Giro, Shimano, and much more.
For those with a passion for Celeste, we also stock Official Bianchi Jerseys, Gloves, Helmets, and T-shirts.


Nobody wants to ride a bicycle that leaves your "sensitive areas" numb or in pain! If you're experiencing any pain or discomfort when you ride a new saddle or possibly just a saddle adjustment may be what you need. Proper saddle adjustment is essential to comfort not just in you backside but also in your hands! if you are experiencing pain in your hands in could be because the nose of your saddle is pointed too far downward causing you to shift your weight onto your handlebars. Come down and speak with one of our experts that can make adjustments to your current saddle or get you fitted up on a new one if necessary. Some of our brands include Brooks England, Sella Royal, Cloud 9, Jamis and ISM some of which carry a 120 day comfort guarantee.

Vehicle Racks

With all the beautiful places you can ride your bicycle in Pinellas County why limit yourself to just your neighborhood? Having a vehicle rack will make it easy to take a morning ride at Fort Desoto then have a nice evening ride at Fred Howard park. Racks also keep you from having to fold the seats down, borrow a truck or leave half your bicycle hanging out of the truck of a compact car! We carry Yakima, Thule and swagman racks with our hitch mounted racks starting at just $169.95. We also carry strap racks which we will gladly show you how to install.

Pro Scooters

Having came a long way since the days of the big box store sold scooters, now offering high quality metals, bearing and wheel material to better handle the vigor's of barspins and tailwhips. We stock Phoenix, District and Dominator completes as well as a number of wheels, bearings and accessories. Just as with the bicycles we offer service at reasonable prices on all scooters.